What is Holo-NFT?

Updated: Jun 15

Holo-NFT is an Augmented Reality NFT (ERC-721) artwork displayed in a holographic environment. The experience of seeing Holo-NFT artworks are so immersive and can give viewers the sense of realism as if the artworks exist in front of you. This is made possible by the Desktop Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

What is Desktop AR?

The Desktop AR is an augmented reality system that can turn an ordinary 2D monitor into a volumetric display. It brings virtual objects into the real-world using a webcam and 3D red-blue glasses. The Desktop AR works by tracking the user's viewing positions using a webcam and then the head positions are used to adjust the virtual cameras to render 3D images according to the user's viewing positions. Therefore, the users can see around 3D objects in various angles as if the objects are floating in front of the users.

The Desktop AR technology allows you to experience NFT artworks as if you are there at the galleries or museums at the comfort of your home computers. The NFT artworks are unique in the sense that the artworks are holographic, not limited to 2D artworks as we are used to. This uniqueness presents Holo-NFT artworks an opportunity to be one the most popular collectibles in the NFT marketplace.

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