Holo-NFT & Socio-Cultural Value

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

$50.1 Billion Arts & Antiques

Historically significant artefacts are priceless. Yet, it is estimated that the arts & antiquities market spans an ever-growing $50.1 billion. Estimating the value of historically significant artefacts, housed in museums and private galleries, is a complicated and daunting process. However, it is certain that the value of these items will increase as over time, on the condition that these physical arts and artefacts are well preserved.

Holo-NFT, Digitised Artefacts, an Opportunity

From Masamune's sword to ancient Egyptian jewellery, whatever your favourite historical treasure may be, we can not do much more than seeing them through glass boxes in museums and private galleries. This is no longer the case with Holographic-Non-Fungible-Tokens. With Holo-NFT, you can own digital versions of those items, some of which are even officially produced and recognised by the museums & owner institutions themselves.

Similar to physical antiques, Holo-NFTs capture the values of societies and cultures spanning thousands of years of evolution. As time goes on, these arts and artefacts hold and increase their value as they represent important parts of our history. Unfortunately, physical objects degrade over time and are prone to complete destruction. Owning a Holo-NFT is owning the very essence of the object which can be brought to eternal life in the Metaverse using immersive technology.

Holo-NFT, Hand-Crafted Collectables

The process to preserve objects and transform them into Holo-NFTs is a crafty one. Photogrammetry allows for hundreds of photos to be taken of a single object, or place, and combine them into a three dimensional model to scale. The creators of Holo-NFTs have to specialize themselves with the technology and be masterful to produce museum-grade quality. After the 3D scanning process, creators use a special software to convert the 3D model into a Holo-NFT, bringing the object back to life within the Morpheus Metaverse.

Antiques, Modern Digital Art and Beyond

The scope of culture and history that Holo-NFT can preserve is well beyond just antiques. It can be use to preserve the cultural values represented in 3D digital art, sounds, performance art and more. The wonder of the Metaverse is that it mimics reality. As the immersive technology progresses, so does the capability to capture other aspects of culture.

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