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Updated: Jun 21

The "101 Curated Art Collection" program aims to showcase 101 Holo-NFT artworks that give the audience a new way to experience digital arts. Here is the information about the program.


For Holo-NFT artworks that are curated into the collection, each piece will receive:

  • Showcase on the featured section of our marketplace page

  • Honorable badge attached to your Holo-NFT art on the marketplace

Selection Process & Criteria

An artist can submit more than one Holo-NFT arts. So, you can have more than one Holo-NFT arts curated in the collection.

There is no theme. You have a freedom to make any Holo-NFT arts. Rabbit, Kris and the Perception team will review every submission and select the works that exhibit high quality and creativity.


The curation process is on a rolling basis. The earlier you submit your artworks, the quicker you will receive a decision.


Submission is on a rolling basis. We will respond to you within 7 days after you submit your work. Submit your work here.

  • Close date: Since it is on a rolling basis, we may close before this date if 101 artworks are selected.

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