How to make a holo-nft?

Updated: Jun 30

Okay, now that we are here in the community. Let's see what we can do here!

  • Making Holo-NFT Arts

  • Submit your artworks to "101 Curated Art Collection"

  • Sell your arts on the Holo-NFT marketplace

  • Feedback on Holo-NFT

  • Get in touch with the community

Making Holo-NFT Arts

You can visualize your 3D models in a hologhaphic environment using the Holo-NFT Viewer. You can download the Holo-NFT Viewer software, and follow the instructions for setting up the system here. Note that the Holo-NFT Viewer is still in the beta version. Visit our forum to suggest features you would like to see in an upcoming release, request assistant or report bugs.

Submit your artworks to "101 Curated Art Collection"

After you created a Holo-NFT artwork, you can submit it to the "101 Art Collection" program. If your artwork is curated into the collection, we will pay for the gas fee and promote it on our marketplace first page in the featured section. Submit your artwork here.

Sell your artworks on the Holo-NFT marketplace

In addition to the "101 Art Collection" program, you can sell your Holo-NFT artworks on the marketplace. Your Holo-NFT artwork will be one of the first holographic NFT out there. You will receive an exposure on our marketplace as we launch a PR campaign on our marketplace to media outlets.

The marketplace will be open to the public in July. Stay tuned for more information about our marketplace here.

Feedback on Holo-NFT

Holo-NFT is a very young technology. Together, we are pioneering and building the Holo-NFT ecosystem. I'm sure that the Holo-NFT Viewer will not have all the features you need, so we will be very happy to hear your feedback. Please visit our forum to suggest features, request assistant or report bugs.

Get in touch with the community

Visit our Discord channel here to get in touch with other artists, exchange ideas and share your works. See you there!

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