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Updated: Jun 15

All your questions answered

What is Holo-NFT?

Holo-NFT is an Augmented Reality NFT (implemented in ERC-721), in which an NFT artwork is displayed in a holographic environment using a Desktop AR technology. Learn more about the Holo-NFT here.

Is Holo-NFT just a red-blue 3D?

No, Holo-NFT combines display and artificial intelligence technologies to give immersiveness to users such that models displayed as if they are in front of the viewers. The red-blue glasses are needed to view Holo-NFT for a standard monitor, but other 3D displays can also be used to view your Holo-NFT artworks. Please refer to different types of display here.

What is Desktop AR?

The Desktop AR is an augmented reality system that turns an ordinary 2D monitor into a volumetric display. It brings virtual objects into the real-world using a webcam and anaglyph glasses. The Desktop AR works by tracking the user's viewing positions using a webcam and then the head positions are used to adjust the virtual cameras to render 3D images according to the user's viewing positions. Therefore, the users can see around 3D objects in various angles as if the objects are floating in front of the users.

How are 3D and Desktop AR different?

3D stereoscopic displays allows you to see objects with depths. However, the viewing angles for these displays are limited as it is not made to optimise for viewers. However, with the Desktop AR technology, images are rendered according to your viewing positions making this technology more immersive than a standard 3D display.

How do I view my Holo-NFT in Desktop AR?

To view your Holo-NFT, you will need a pair of red-blue glasses, Holo-NFT Viewer, (download) and webcam on your PC or laptop. You can then import your models into the Holo-NFT Viewer to view your models, see here.

Do I own intellectual property (IP) to the model?

You are solely have IP and all rights to your 3D models, so please check your license for own models. However, your IP right does not apply to assets that are packaged up with Holo-NFTs. This includes HCI files, descriptions of models, sounds or music attached to a Holo-NFT.

Can I sell my Holo-NFT on other marketplaces?

Currently Holo-NFT can only be traded on The Morpheus Project marketplace.

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