Ensuring Immutibility & Longevity

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

The Ethereum network stores a token’s ID, token's owner, token's creator, token's creator royalty fee, marketplace's commission fee, primary URI and a backup URI to metadata. The Ethereum network cannot maintain the metadata because of its limitation to record large files. Therefore, the primary metadata URI points to The Morpheus Project server, where it stores all Holo-NFT's information.

Ensuring Immutability of Holo-NFTs with Hash Value

When storing information off-chain in The Morpheus Project, we ensure that Holo-NFTs cannot be tampered with. By using a hash value of the metadata as an identifier, in the event that anyone changes the metadata, even a little, the hash value will be changed and is no longer valid.

Ensuring Longevity of Holo-NFT with Reserve Metadata & Decentralised File Storage

Storing information off-chain can create another weakness for NFTs. If the server that is maintaining the data goes offline, all data is lost. To ensure your Holo-NFT longevity, The Morpheus Project is creating a feature to reserve metadata. The feature enables NFT owners to download their Holo-NFT metadata and upload the data on a server of their choice. The owners can then register the link to their preferred server on the Ethereum chain as a backup URI. For high-value Holo-NFTs, we recommend that the owners store the Holo-NFT's metadata on a decentralised file storage system.

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