Engraving a personal autograph

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

One feature of the Holo-NFT founding philosophy is to encourage personal connections between each NFT and their owner in the succession line.

After successfully purchasing an NFT, the current owner may choose to attach a note of their preference to immortalise it on the NFT and blockchain. Once the NFT is resold to a new owner, the previous notes will remain alongside any new notes by the current owner. These messages are also connected to each owner’s identification number to serve as a reference and proof of past ownership. This feature is only available on selected Holo-NFTs.

The principle behind this feature is to not only encourage creating meaningful bonds with the NFTs, but to provide a reference of the secession line and create additional value. If for instance the NFT was owned by a revered person, reselling the particular NFT would encourage a potential collector to take ownership.

The illustration of the Holo-NFT autograph feature and succession line below serves as an example.


Current Owner




0x2938473028 AkeWasHere

0x3333322123 MikeRulesAll



0x3492029289 LoveYouMom

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