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Holo-NFT Viewer

Visualize your design on Holo-NFT Viewer. See your model in front of the screen using Desktop AR technology.

Download the latest Holo-NFT Viewer :

  • Holo-NFT 1.2 for Window

  • Holo-NFT 1.2 for Mac 

Holo-NFT Editor

Create your own Holo-NFT artwork using Holo-NFT Editor powered by DesktopAR. Make your artwork immersive and submit them to trade in The Morpheus Project, our online Holo-NFT marketplace

Download the latest Holo-NFT Editor :

  • Holo-NFT Editor 1.2 for Window

  • Holo-NFT Editor 1.2 for Mac 

Developer notes:

  • 09-12-2021 (Version 1.2)

    • Add metallic feature in material​

    • Allow license type settings

    • Allow upload thumbnail model

    • Minor bug fixed

  • 16-07-2021 ( Version 1.1 )

    • Allow viewing customised texture

    • Allow customised light settings

    • Add your own background and sound

    • Bug fixes related to model scaling

  • 03-06-2021 ( Version 1.0 )

    • Support image background

  • 14-04-2021 ( Version 0.2b )

    • Minor bug fixed

  • 24-3-2021 ( Version 0.1b )

    • Support OBJ and FBX file format

How to set up a computer

Holo-NFT system creates holographic experience by rendering 3D images according to user's viewing positions. To start setting up a Desktop AR system, follow the below steps.

  • Prepare a computer or laptop, most modern computers running Window 10 is compatible. It is also recommended that your computer have a GPU.

  • Have a webcam installed, it can be a webcam that comes with your laptop or you can plug in an external webcam, and place the webcam on top of your monitor.

  • Get Anaglyph glasses (Red & Blue 3D Glasses), you need a pair of red and blue glasses to use with your monitor when displaying the 3D effect in the anaglyph mode. You can buy the glasses from Amazon or from most online shopping websites. We highly recommend the paper red-blue glasses for best viewing experience.

Watch the video below for more information on how toset up a computer for Holo-NFT.

Convert a 3D model into Holo-NFT

The Holo-NFT Viewer allows importing 3D models in FBX and OBJ file formats from the file-system and converts them into Holo-NFT. The Viewer supports textures as BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, and also allows importing models with animations. The file to import and the textures related to it should be in the same directory.

1. Download the Holo-NFT Viewer application.

2. Run the downloaded .exe file for installing the application on your computer. After the installation process finished then, you will see the application icon on your Desktop.​

3. Click to run. The first time you run the app, you will be required to input parameters needed for the system.​

Display size

display size.png

Active camera

active camera.png

Camera position

camera position.png

4. After you finished the wizard setting, the application will be started. The Holo-NFT Viewer has a sample HCI model which you can directly import from the Importing Menu and run on your system.


5. To import the model, click on the Select file button.  It will open a file explorer, then choose your FBX or OBJ file from the file system. Click on Open Button.


6. As you click Open you may see your model file path in the text. Now you can click on Import Button.


7. The model will start converting into HCI and will import it into the scene.


8. As import completes, you will enter into the HoloScene and see your design with holographic effects. Here you can control the model’s position, rotation, and scale. You can press “I” to check the controls for the model. You will be required to wear 3D red-blue glasses for viewing your model in 3D environment.


3D model from https://www.mixamo.com


Note: If you are not able to see your model, try to adjust the scale, and while exporting the model from any modeling software, keep the pivot of the model at the center for better control of the model.