101 Curated Program

Create Holo-NFT Art and get featured on The Morpheus Project marketplace.

featured artist

You and your work will be featured on the marketplace's front page

No upfront gas fee

No need to pay the gas fee for publishing.

Easy to submit (OBj / FBX)

Just send us a OBJ or FBX file and we will convert it to Holo-NFT

Join the program

Submit your application and join the program

Create 3D model in Obj or FBX format

No need to pay the gas fee. We will cover it for you

Submit the obj / fbx file

Send the file to us to test that the art  is working as intended

Accept / feedback procedure

After the reviewing process, the Perception team will be in touch with you.

Release your art to the marketplace

The approved arts will be shown on the marketplace, download Holo-Viewer for seeing your art in holographic environment.

How to make & Submit
Holo-NFT art?

A new kind of NFT that use Destkop AR technology to bring an art into reality. The experience of seeing Holo-NFT artworks are so immersive.

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